I can post this as a bug, but wondered if anyone else had come across it. It looks like the cli

favorites playlist play
doesn't understand the modern url syntax - used for online music integration for example. If I have a favourite pointing to, say, classic fm, I can play it using

favorites playlist play search:Classic%20FM
However, if I use the same approach to play a favourite which points to local music, or online music (qobuz, tidal), they don't play. Playing the favourites through the UI works fine of course.

If I do

favorites items 0 1 search:SomeTidalFavourite want_url:1
I can get the response including the url. Extracting the url (as favouriteurl say), I can then do

playlist play favouriteurl
So, I guess playlist play was updated to understand the new syntax, but favorite playlist play wasn't.

Anyone else seen this?

pete S