Happy New Year everyone!

Been a while not posting in this forum since everything is working fine... until today. What a way to start the year

I have an SB Touch connected via wifi to a LMS running on a NAS. I noticed today that it's not showing the clock screensaver but instead just a black screen. So I turned it on and noticed immediately that it's not connected to the LMS. I went to Settings > Advanced > Networking and noticed that it takes me directly to wired networking settings. I can no longer choose or even see an option for wireless/wifi.

So I did a factory reset thought that it would resolve the issue and now, after selecting the language (English), on the next step which is connecting to the network, I get the message: Not Connected - We can't detect a wired connection. Please check your ethernet cable and make sure your network is running and available.

I can no longer see a wifi option where I can select the hotspot and enter a password.

Any help is appreciated.