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    How To use alsaequal on squeezelite service

    Well, I spent a hell bunch of time searching over here and there for that question, because everyone can test "-o equal" to teach it does work from CLI but it doesn't when one try use squeezelite.service with OUTPUT_DEV="-o equal" in squeezelite.conf. So, I discovered that the reason is permissions problem, because alsaequal tries to use .alsaequal.bin file for its setting and that little beast tries to put it to the home directory of current user. But user squeezelite under whom squeezelite.service is running, doesn't have home folder at all, so squeezelite gives up with error code. BTW, it good idea don't have home area for headless unit working on net, so I decided not to mess with real home folder, but just cheat program with fake one. All You need is made under /home area additional folder, put .alsaequal.bin into it make that file accessible for any user and tell alsaequal where it should search its settings. Let's call below current user just as USER, don't forget to replace it Your real username. And I named folder as sq, but You can rename it on Your own, of course.

    sudo mkdir /home/sq
    sudo cp /home/USER/.alsaequal.bin /home/sq/.alsaequal.bin
    sudo chmod 646 /home/sq/.alsaequal.bin
    sudo chown USER:users /home/sq/.alsaequal.bin
    Now, let's edit /etc/asound.conf

    pcm.!default {
      type hw card 0
    ctl.!default {
      type hw card 0
    ctl.equal {
        type equal;
        controls "/home/sq/.alsaequal.bin"
    pcm.plugequal {
        type equal;
        # Modify the line below if you do not
        # want to use sound card 0.
        slave.pcm "plughw:0,0";
        # by default we want to play from more sources at time:
        #slave.pcm "plug:dmix";
        controls "/home/sq/.alsaequal.bin"
    pcm.equal {
    # If you do not want the equalizer to be your
    # default soundcard comment the following
    # line and uncomment the above line. (You can
    # choose it as the output device by addressing
    # it with specific apps,eg mpg123 -a equal 06.Back_In_Black.mp3)
    # pcm.!default {
        type plug;
        slave.pcm plugequal;
    I bolded addings.

    And at last, edit /etc/squeezelite.conf

    OUTPUT_DEV="-o equal"
    # VOLUME="-V <control>"

    You should comment -V option, because alsa accepts equalizer adjustments as mixer controls so they mess it.

    Well, just restart squeezelite.service and enjoy sound correction

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    Quick question: if I comment the -V, my sound adjustment will be in software, do you know if itĺs possible to maintain my sound card volume adjustment while using equal?

    I get this noise in between tracks as the stream to the card is interrupted...

    Also, is the software sound adjustments done in 16bits 44khz? Or upsampled?


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