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    Unfortunately no change, dropouts still. The KeepAlive behavior seems unchanged. You say you have enabled KeepAlive on the slimprotocol socket. Is this the one with port 9000 or 3483. It is needed on port 9000.

    Here is the traffic on port 9000 prior to the 100% cpu time state:

    056.2501063 HOST to CLIENT 2759 TCP:[Continuation to #2754]Flags=...A...., SrcPort=9000, DstPort=62970, PayloadLen=1460, Seq=1349354153 - 1349355613, Ack=3133506948, Win=229 {TCP:45, IPv4:1}
    056.2501063 HOST to CLIENT 2760 TCP:[Continuation to #2754]Flags=...AP..., SrcPort=9000, DstPort=62970, PayloadLen=730, Seq=1349355613 - 1349356343, Ack=3133506948, Win=229 {TCP:45, IPv4:1}
    056.2501196 CLIENT to HOST 2761 TCP:Flags=...A...., SrcPort=62970, DstPort=9000, PayloadLen=0, Seq=3133506948, Ack=1349356343, Win=1289 {TCP:45, IPv4:1}
    056.6534090 HOST to CLIENT 2762 TCP:Flags=...A...F, SrcPort=9000, DstPort=62970, PayloadLen=0, Seq=1349356343, Ack=3133506948, Win=229 {TCP:45, IPv4:1}
    056.6534705 CLIENT to HOST 2763 TCP:Flags=...A...., SrcPort=62970, DstPort=9000, PayloadLen=0, Seq=3133506948, Ack=1349356344, Win=1289 {TCP:45, IPv4:1}
    140.4406135 CLIENT to HOST 4733 TCP:[Dup Ack #2763]Flags=...A...., SrcPort=62970, DstPort=9000, PayloadLen=0, Seq=3133506948, Ack=1349356344, Win=1329 {TCP:45, IPv4:1}
    140.4409142 HOST to CLIENT 4734 TCP:Flags=.....R.., SrcPort=9000, DstPort=62970, PayloadLen=0, Seq=1349356344, Ack=0, Win=0 {TCP:45, IPv4:1}

    Host sends data: PayloadLen 1460 then 730 (streambuffer is full at this time seamingly)
    Client acknowledges the data up to seq 1349356343
    Host acks the ack and sends FIN with seq 1349356343
    Client acks with seq 1349356344 (note: +1)
    There is no traffic on port 9000 between time 56.653 and 140.44. There is traffic on port 3483 however (not shown)
    Client dup acks with seq 1349356344 again
    Host resets with seq 1349356344

    After that there is 100% cpu time.
    squeezelite-1.9.8-1324-test1-win64.zip had keepalive set on the slimprotocol 3483 port.

    squeezelite-1.9.8-1324-test2-win64.zip enables keepalive on the stream socket, which is not always port 9000 depending on the stream source and I removed the keepalive change from test1.

    The test zip files include a patch file with the code changes.
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