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    Boom Power Supply Repair

    A few weeks ago my Squeezebox Boom died, and a quick check at the DC end of the power supply revealed zero volts. I knew that these units are prone to failure, so I dug out a suitable replacement from my collection. As the Boom is mounted under a kitchen cabinet and the DC lead is wired behind the cabinet, it's impossible to remove the power supply completely.

    So I snipped the wire at the power supply end, and attached new unit to the wire. Plugging in the new power supply produced...nothing! Some quick checks revealed that the DC lead going to the Boom had a dead short, and the original power supply was fine.

    It turned out that the short was in the barrel connector and just replacing it got my Boom back working again.

    So before throwing out that Boom PSU, make sure it's not just a faulty barrel connector.

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    Thanks, that's info that might come in handy for me. :-)
    I'm not sure if it really is related, but my oldest Boom is picky how the barrel connector is orientated in the Boom's socket; a little side pressure and the Boom has no power. Until today I thought it can only be the Boom's socket fault, but now I might try to look at the connector first when it finally fails completely.

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