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    Raspberry PI touchscreen case suggestions.

    I am preparing to purchase all the hardware and accessories to build a replacement for my old Squeezebox player. I am going to use the Raspberry PI 4B and the Raspberry PI 7" touchscreen and a DAC HAT. Can anyone recommend a case that will fit all the hardware leaving the needed connections exposed and allowing for enough cooling? I don't mind doing some minor alterations such as drilling holes for the RCA connectors. Thanks in advance.

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    I am waiting to receive the one I preordered but this should do the trick if you order the deeper back to fit the dac...


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    I suggest the case of SmartPi, too. I am using the previous version of the case with the "thicker" back cover for the Hifiberry Amp2 as HAT. The only additional work was to drill wholes for the cables for loudspeakers and external power.

    The additional back covers are only necessary if you use an HAT on top of the RaspberryPi. And I would assume that for most of the HATs the thinner back cover is sufficient.

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    I'm waiting for my new Smartipi Pro to arrive after I helped fund it on kickstarter.com. I think it's now in customs at Heathrow. Anyone like to guess how long it will take to escape?

    Once it's built I will take a load of photos and report back.

    And yes the cases are excellent

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