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    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post
    > I wonder then if this is just the normal "registered to someone else"
    > situation. That does raise an interesting challenge though. With SB

    I wouldn't call it the "normal registered to someone else" situation.
    This shouldn't happen, unless you buy a unit from someone else. But
    indeed, both your missing players were registered to some other users.
    As they both seem to have been inactive for a while, I deleted the
    players from the database. They should show up in your account, soon.

    Please also try to double check whether the MAC addresses are valid. I'm
    not sure whether this is easily possible with a Pi. But give it a try...

    Hi Michael

    Thanks for looking at this. I guess my point about a "registered to someone else" situation is that it's easy to have that in mind with an actual player, but harder to keep track of with a Pi. At some point its prior life, looks like someone did run squeezelite on it, but it might not have been its primary purpose, or even been used for that purpose at all by the person I bought it from - with the large trade in second and third hand PIs. What we think of as a player might have spent it's recent life as a school project or as one of mine is - a part of a home automation setup.

    As the percentage of "players" that are actually just some random piece of hardware vs. actual SB players increases, I guess this continues to get more tricky to track. Craig mentioned that lots of people using Material have this "app not showing up" problem with Tidal, so that's possibly the same cause.

    Thanks again for your help. The two missing players appeared as soon as I turned them on :-)

    pete S

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    Can't choose mysqueezebox.com as a music source within iOS or Android apps, nor LMS

    Quote Originally Posted by psketch View Post

    I've seen others comment on this, but can't find a resolution, so grateful for any guidance. I was trying to switch the music source on my LMS 8.1 (running on PCP 7) to mysqueezebox.com and all it does is load the mysqueezebox.com web page - leaving the local lms web page completely. My password etc. for mysb is correct in LMS, and I've tried logging in first even into mysb, but no joy.

    I'm only trying to switch to see if I can get it to register my other pcp players on mysb.com to work around an issue with material and tidal on non-registered players.


    pete S
    I'm experiencing something similar and it seems to be new behavior. I have the Ipeng (iOS), Orange Squeeze (Android) and Squeeze Ctrl (Android) apps for my Iphone and Ipad & Samsung tablets. I used to be able to use these apps to switch my Squeezebox Boom between LMS and mySqueezebox.com as a music source within these apps. Now, I can no longer do this. I can change the "music source" to mySqueezebox.com using the apps, however, I cannot switch the Squeezebox Boom to this source. The Boom remains in the LMS source. I can only change to mySqueezebox.com now by either a) manually changing to this source using the Boom's physical device controls, or b) Adding the "Extras" to display on the Home page of LMS on my PC. When I click on Extras, there is a dialogue box with a link to Music Source. When I click on it, I can choose either LMS or mySqueezexbox.com. If I click on mySqueezebox.com, it opens up the url for mySqueezebox.com and I can use the remote control for my Boom via that site on my PC. Once I've done that, I can then go into any of my Squeezebox apps and these will now find my Boom.

    In the past, I could turn off my PC (and hence close the LMS server) and use the mobile apps to switch the boom to mySqueezebox.com. Now it doesn't work any longer with any of the 3 apps.

    FYI, on my Windows 10 PC, I use Material Skin for LMS Version: 8.1.2 - 1622353561.

    Did something happen to break the connection between LMS and mysqueezebox.com?

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