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    Stream BT audio to LMS on RPi3

    Hello folks. I have LMS set up on a RPi3 which streams to a number of endpoints, most of which are squeezelite clients on other RPis.

    I'd like (for my wife) to be able to stream audio from her phone over bluetooth to the LMS. I've read a few guides which seem to make the idea very complicated, it'd need to be simple to use. Csn anyone point me to a how-to on the topic?

    Cheers - and happy Christmas.

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    Assuming that you are running piCorePlayer 6.1 on your RPi3, the following is supposed to work (in a nutshell):
    1) On the pCP Main Page, go to Bluetooth page
    2) If not already done, install Bluetooth extension on pCP
    3) Use the Device Pairing/Selection section to pair pCP with your smartphone.
    4) After your phone is paired, set bluetooth type to "Streamer". Example is shown below.

    Name:  pCP_bluetooth_devices.png
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    5) Go to pCP Tweaks page, and find section "Audio Tweaks"
    6) Set "Streamer for Audio Input" to Yes and click save. The pCP screen should look similar to following screenshot:

    Name:  pCP_streamer_option.png
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    7) Access LMS web UI, and add following favorite (example):
    Name: pCP Bluetooth-in
    URL: (replace IP address with the IP address of your piCorePlayer)
    8) On your squeezebox client, select favorite "pCP Bluetooth-in"

    If you now play a music track on your smartphone, it should be played back on your squeezebox client.

    With this setup, when you want to stream music from your smartphone to a squeezebox client, you need to do the following:
    1) Select favorite "pCP Bluetooth-in" on your squeezebox client
    2) On your phone make a bluetooth connection with pCP, and play music.
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    Wonderful, thanks, that's working on a newly flashed uSD

    Couldn't figure out how to install pcp on my existing rasbian install, if that's even possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4lex View Post
    Couldn't figure out how to install pcp on my existing rasbian install, if that's even possible?
    pCP is an operating system ... it is a very cut down and specialised alternative to Raspbian.
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