First post here!

I'm just getting started with LMS, and have managed to get most things up and running. My question is about Squeezelite - when I run it with debug options,

./squeezelite -d all=debug -n server_player
it seems to constantly loop with the following:

[11:47:09.228303] slimproto:926 connected
[11:47:09.228338] slimproto:937 local player
[11:47:09.228349] sendHELO:142 mac: 70:85:c2:31:39:e9
[11:47:09.228358] sendHELO:144 cap: CanHTTPS=1,Model=squeezelite,AccuratePlayPoints=1,HasDigitalOut=1,HasPolarityInversion=1,Firmware=v1.9.8-1287,ModelName=SqueezeLite,MaxSampleRate=44100,dsf,dff,alc,aac,ogg,ops,ogf,flc,aif,pcm,mp3,loc
[11:47:09.641476] process:521 setd
[11:47:09.641499] sendSETDName:248 set playername: server_player
[11:47:09.641565] process:521 setd
[11:47:09.641581] process:521 aude
[11:47:09.641588] process_aude:415 enable spdif: 1 dac: 1
[11:47:09.641653] process:521 audg
[11:47:09.641675] process_audg:433 audg gainL: 0 gainR: 0 adjust: 1
[11:47:09.743553] slimproto_run:572 error reading from socket: closed
a couple of times per second. This is when nothing is playing, and LMS is running. It seems to successfully play music that is streamed to it from LMS, but I'm wondering if these constant disconnects are completely normal, or whether something is going wrong.

Google searches for this error seem to show that it appears in other logs.

For reference, I'm using the binary distribution squeezelite-pulse-, and LMS in Docker (lmscommunity/logitechmediaserver:8.1.0-dev) running on the same host.