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    HiFiBerry for Wired Whole Home Audio via LMS

    Hi everyone,

    I'm planning a home renovation, and have been looking into options for whole home audio. Wifi is nice, but while I have all the walls open, I want to wire everything that makes sense to get wired. So I'm looking at the idea of putting a couple of ceiling-mounted speakers in each of the major rooms, and looking at HiFiBerry amps with Max2Play software to run it. I'm planning to just run speaker wire to a cabinet, where I can have a bank of Pis. I'd like to get some opinions on some aspects:

    • The only real options to control such a system seem to be apps like iPeng, the web interface, or something like OpenHab. I use iPeng now, but I don't find it intuitive, and my family doesn't understand it. I'm thinking of having a wall panel here and there, where maybe I can run a skinned web interface or something cobbled with OpenHab. Any thoughts?
    • As far as I can tell, if Logitech shuts down my squeezebox.com, I can still run everything, and I will lose features like TuneIn and Deezer. At least until someone develops replacement plugins. Does that sound right? Any related concerns?
    • I was looking a Max2Play because, while I like to tinker, I don't have time to be a full-time tinkerer. (I prefer a system that I can mostly set and forget.) I don't even mind subscribing to their "premium plugins" if that gets me tested software compatibility. Any experience or thoughts on that? Or preferred alternatives?

    I currently run four SB radios and two Duets, and have been mostly happy with them. I imagine using Pis with a wired network will make them more reliable, and the current wifi units can serve as additional control devices. I'd like to hear about any experience with this sort of thing.


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    a few thoughts:

    1. if using rPi's and hats (which I love!), I recommend piCorePlayer as your OS/LMS server/Squeezebox Player. Definitely set and forget and well supported. I know nothing about linux or any of the underneath the hood stuff, and I've set up several of these just by following instructions here (30 minutes or less from start to finish)
    (look at menu items on left side of screen for the last link)

    2. If walls are open, in addition to speaker wires back to central location ALSO run ethernet (Cat 6) to every room back to central location. Maybe even two runs, with wall plate in a couple of different locations per room.

    3. you can attached pi screens to some of the rPis and have the same sort of touch panel controls you have with a SB touch. Very nice.
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