Hi everyone,

I'm planning a home renovation, and have been looking into options for whole home audio. Wifi is nice, but while I have all the walls open, I want to wire everything that makes sense to get wired. So I'm looking at the idea of putting a couple of ceiling-mounted speakers in each of the major rooms, and looking at HiFiBerry amps with Max2Play software to run it. I'm planning to just run speaker wire to a cabinet, where I can have a bank of Pis. I'd like to get some opinions on some aspects:

  • The only real options to control such a system seem to be apps like iPeng, the web interface, or something like OpenHab. I use iPeng now, but I don't find it intuitive, and my family doesn't understand it. I'm thinking of having a wall panel here and there, where maybe I can run a skinned web interface or something cobbled with OpenHab. Any thoughts?
  • As far as I can tell, if Logitech shuts down my squeezebox.com, I can still run everything, and I will lose features like TuneIn and Deezer. At least until someone develops replacement plugins. Does that sound right? Any related concerns?
  • I was looking a Max2Play because, while I like to tinker, I don't have time to be a full-time tinkerer. (I prefer a system that I can mostly set and forget.) I don't even mind subscribing to their "premium plugins" if that gets me tested software compatibility. Any experience or thoughts on that? Or preferred alternatives?

I currently run four SB radios and two Duets, and have been mostly happy with them. I imagine using Pis with a wired network will make them more reliable, and the current wifi units can serve as additional control devices. I'd like to hear about any experience with this sort of thing.