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    Dec 2020
    Hello again today i plug my cheap usb dac but bluetooh does not work, it connects but does not play the sound , LMS files works ok

    here it the log

    pCP Bluetooth extension build:0015
    Starting BT Controller
    Flash firmware /lib/firmware/brcm/BCM4345C0.hcd
    Set Controller UART speed to 3000000 bit/s
    Device setup complete
    Waiting for bluetooth controller.Ready
    RPi Bluetooth Hardware Address: DC:A6:32:E4:D4:A1
    Starting pCP BT Pairing Agent
    BT Controller Ready
    01-01 02:00 EET INFO     ------------Starting pCP BT Speaker Daemon v7.0.0.0015------------
    01-01 02:00 EET INFO     Resetting asound.conf.
    01-01 02:00 EET INFO        Removing bt_ from asound.conf
    01-01 02:00 EET INFO     Current contents of /usr/local/etc/pcp/pcp-bt.conf.
    01-01 02:00 EET INFO        04:B4:29:23:50:32#Galaxy A50#10000#2
    01-01 02:00 EET DEBUG    PCM Devices found dbus.Dictionary({}, signature=dbus.Signature('oa{sv}'))
    01-01 02:00 EET INFO     Starting connection signal handlers.
    12-30 18:33 EET INFO     ---- Caught Connect signal ----
    12-30 18:33 EET DEBUG    /org/bluealsa/hci0/dev_04_B4_29_23_50_32/a2dpsnk/source
    12-30 18:33 EET DEBUG       HCI:hci0
    12-30 18:33 EET INFO        MAC:04:B4:29:23:50:32
    12-30 18:33 EET INFO        TRANSPORT:a2dpsnk
    12-30 18:33 EET DEBUG       pCP OUTPUT="$USBOUTPUT"
    12-30 18:33 EET DEBUG       LMS server IP:""
    12-30 18:33 EET DEBUG       pCP ALSAVOLUME=""
    12-30 18:33 EET DEBUG       pCP Card Conf:"USB.conf"
    12-30 18:33 EET INFO        Starting player:"Galaxy A50" bluetooth, alsa device:"$USBOUTPUT", volume:"".
    thank you and merry x mas

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    Working from my iPhone.....but check the alsamixer volume for your USB dac. Is it at zero?
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