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    I finally got it to to work. Seems I just need to power cycle the controller every time it gets stuck, once its up again things often work. Also it probably helped to apply a firmware update once that was possible, as the old one was ancient.

    This is by far the entertainment device I have struggled the most with, so its quite a relief now I can enjoy a multitude of netradio stations.

    Thanks again!


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    Make sure it is actually connecting to *your* MySB.com. Go to MySB.com > Players, is your player listed? Also try the Remote Control button, does that web ui change what station your hardware player is playing?

    Unless the previous owner correctly deleted your player from his account it will connect to that old account and function just fine. But it won't be *your* account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garym View Post
    I think this is only true for a TOUCH or RADIO.
    wow! I did not know this. So, how are people "unregistering" a receiver, contacting Michael?

    I have a receiver in storage, perhaps I'll give it a try...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Redrum View Post
    wow! I did not know this. So, how are people "unregistering" a receiver, contacting Michael?

    I have a receiver in storage, perhaps I'll give it a try...

    In the old days one could contact Logitech Support and they could change it for you. These days, people PM @mherger and give him the MAC address of the unit and their own mysqueezebox.com account name.
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    On playing radio via mySB.com generally. You need to bear in mind that a lot of radio stations are changing from http to https for their delivery URLs. This means that some stations simply won't play via mySB.com whereas they will if you have a local LMS.

    On controlling the player. The controller can be flaky with modern wifi. This problem is removed pretty much as soon as you get a local LMS as you can then control the player in any number of other ways e.g. via a browser http://lmsaddress:9000 or better with the Material plugin installed in LMS http://lmsaddress:9000/Material - Material will work natively on a smartphone whereas the default GUI won't. You also have numerous Android or iOS options that you can install on a smartphone and control with those.

    So there are many reasons why having a local LMS is the route to go just from a basic usability point of view. Then you also get the benefit of playing local files, integrated online music service (Spotify, Qobuza, Tidal, Deezer) plus fabulous plugins such as Music & Artist Information, BBC Sounds etc etc etc.

    A Raspberry Pi with piCorePalyer and LMS installed with music on an attached USB drive is the quickest, and these days easiest, route.
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    Get the reference materials, here:

    The Controller and the Receiver should both be stable, and they work fine on WiFi (except I see people mentioning mesh network and WiFi6 is a problem for these older units). The Controller can be set up to talk to the Receiver in Hybrid mode, which might be why you have to reboot. You don't need Hybrid mode for most installations. Both units should communicate through mysqueezebox.com, and that way, the Controller can be used to control any SB in your home, too. I even put headphones into the controller and use it when working in the yard.

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