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    Another Jukebox concept for kids

    I'm used to spend time finding useful information in the forum...My turn to share a project I have in mind for a long time
    Since we love hearing music in the family, my little daughter wanted to have her own music player...so the question was how to use our music collection and not buy a cd player or whatever, and it has to be a device without screen...So here is the project :
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    Raspberry pi 3
    RPI HiFi AMP HAT TAS5713 Amplifier Audio Module 25W Class-D
    Rotary encoder
    Stateless Push button switchs
    RFID Card Reader CRFM-522 RC522
    RFID Cards
    2 8ohms speakers

    LMS 7.9.1 - 1504317335 on DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2
    piCorePlayer 6.1.0
    LMSTools port to python3
    Pi-rc522python library

    The way to use it has to be very simple :

    Rfid card to start the wanted song or playlist
    2 push buttons for skiping track or going backward
    1 rotary encoder switch for volume and play / pause

    I wrote 2 python scripts :
    One to add new rfid cards and the corresponding playlist name. Everything is stored in a simple txt file
    A 2nd one wich is a loop wich is waiting for a rfid card and read the id and start the song/ playlist
    The playlists have been created in LMS

    Improvements :
    Create a web page to manage playlists et RFID cards

    Being newbie with Python, I guess it is not a "state of the art" work but it does the job, your recommendations are welcome

    Thanks to developers who made my life simpler (LMSTools, Pi-RC522, PCP, LMS, etců) !

    Other photos :
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    Hope you enjoy
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