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    Success piCorePlayer 7.0 0b6, Pi Zero WH, HifiBerry DAC2 Pro

    Again - BIG THANKS to the entire piCorePlayer team. I gave them some $$ after my last success, I guess I need to dig deeper!

    It seems now my goal is to buy 1 of every DAC that I can put on a Pi Zero. My original goal was to replace several Dell DAR players, looking for good (not fanatic) quality, with an integrated amp in most cases. I have a LMS running on a server in the basement. I didn't care much about the display or remote, but I can see how those features can easily be supported.

    The HifiBerry hat is larger than the Pi Zero, but that was not a problem for this build. I first tried with piCore 6.1, but it would not work (I think it was clock init problems). I confirmed the card worked with a clean Buster Lite image, and yes, it plays. So before digging in and debugging I decided to try the piCore 7 beta and that worked!

    I have only 1 thing that I noticed, but have not fully tested yet. When I aplay the Front_Left, or Right wav files I hear the sound out of both channels. Seems to be mixing mono to both outputs? Any thoughts.


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    L R Test works

    I answered my own question about mono. It seems the aplay test that I performed was not sending left or right audio. I performed a valid test, and L and R work perfectly.


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    Thanks for letting us know about your success!

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    Dell DAR / Rio Receiver

    Quote Originally Posted by bha@offsite.com View Post
    ...My original goal was to replace several Dell DAR players....
    Gosh! That takes me back! I still have my original Empeg Rio Receiver buried in a box in the attic. Did you ever try the replacement firmware which re-purposed them as (rather clunky) Squeezebox players?
    Definitely an example of how being first into a new market seldom works out well for a small company.
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