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    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post
    > On the Touch itself, if I tap SETTINGS, I'm not seeing a DISPLAY option.
    > SCREEN option under ADVANCED.

    That sounds incomplete. I have many more items there. It's actually
    "Screen", not "Display". But then there's Sleep, Shuffle, Repeat etc.
    Hmm... I thought there was a way to restore default menus, but I can't
    find it...


    Restore defaults is under Settings > Home Menu > however, "Home Menu" would appear to be not on the OP.s Settings menu?

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    Server - LMS 8.2.0 Pi4B 4GB/Argon one case/pCP v7.0.1 - 75K library, playlists & LMS cache on SSD (ntfs)
    Study - Pi3B/pCP 7.0.1/pi screen/Hifiberry DAC HAT Ruark MR1 Mk2
    Lounge - Pi2/pCP 6.0.0 > HiFiBerry DIGI+ > AudioEngine DAC1 > AVI DM5
    Garage - Squeezebox Boom + Fostex sub
    Dining Room - Pi3B/Bluetooth/Echo Show 8

    Spares - 2xTouch, 1xSB Radio. 1xSB3, 6xRPi

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    [QUOTE=kidstypike;998631]Restore defaults is under Settings > Home Menu > however, "Home Menu" would appear to be not on the OP.s Settings menu?

    Well, well, well - I did a long touch on a blank part of my SETTINGS screen, under the only 3 items displayed, and, lo, all the menu items returned, SCREEN included. That's a new one for me! Is it maybe something to do with the 2 available UI options that Michael H. mentioned earlier? Certainly, when I had just the 3 SETTINGS options, they were in a larger font than the complete menu list is now shwoing. That said, those 3 original options had 3cm of blank space below them, where I pressed.
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    LMS 8.0.1 (1606118512)
    Control: Web GUI; sometimes OrangeSqueeze on Android phones / pads

    Machines / devices are in France, in two locations.
    a) Livebox 4
    Internal HDD (FLAC music; mp3 voice), Desktop
    3 x Touch - 2 wireless, 1 LAN. (7.8.0-r16754)
    3 x SB Radios [2 wireless, 1 LAN] (7.7.3-r16676)
    1 x Riva Arena (via Airplay LMS PlugIn)

    b) Freebox
    External SSD (all mp3), WiFi Laptop
    1 x Touch LAN (Firmware:7.8.0-r16754)
    2 x SB Radios, Wireless (7.7.3-r16676)

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