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    VU Meter and Visualizer not scaled in 7-inch screen (1024x600)

    Hello guys,

    Is there a way to adjust the VU Meter and Spectrum analyzer to scale with 7-inch screen (1024 x 600)? The jivelite scaled correctly to 1024 x 600 except for this two options. I hope somebody here have same experience who can provide their solution. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Clay1985,

    I'm currently experimenting with VU-meters and spectrum display as well.
    The device I'm using is an O2 joggler.
    It's display is a 7" capacitive TFT touch screen (single touch), LED backlight, 800x480 pixel

    When using Custom Clock Helper (LMS server side) and Custom Clock Applet (O2 joggler side), I'm able to scale the spectrum display to any size and position it on screen.
    Using the same solution for the analog VU meters seems to be more of a challenge.

    I found some VU meter png files online which can be referred to from within Custom Clock Helper.
    The PNG files I found either have a size of 6000 or 10000 pixels wide (for 25 images), so to show them on screen, using CCH/CCApplet combination, one should indicate a widthe of either 6000/25*2=480 or 10000/25*2=800

    So with a bit of luck you can augment the existing VU meter images to a larger image that would fit your screen.

    On a side note: If by any luck on your build you have the png-file for the Kolossos Oval VU-meter (first image on your post), I'm interested to have a copy

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    Found it

    See post by Ralphĺs for .png file

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