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    Quote Originally Posted by bpa View Post
    I made a typo - the stream are 96kbps and not 96 kHz.

    The MP3 stream is 32kHz 96kbps - 32kHz is a bit unusual (esp at 96kbps) but valid MP3 stream rate.
    It "feels" like your DAC does not support 32kHz.
    What is make/model ofthe DAC on the digital connection so specs can be checked.
    Is connected via optical or coax (some DACs interfaces have different specs ) ?

    What is the URL for the 128kbps.
    Just to confuse things I tried the stream in the first post and my DAC says it is 96kHz and LMS reports 96kbps CBR MP3. Seems unlikely but the DAC wouldn't lie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bpa View Post
    Out of curiosity - why did you start this thread in the Developers Beta forum ? It is way off the beaten track.
    Oh, I thought I already answered - sry, for the delay.

    When I started the post it seamed to me like it was software driven - maybe caused by LMS 8.0.x - for something didn't work anymore that definitely worked last year on LMS 7.9.x , and I remembered such things like having to upgrade my Radio for LMS 8.x so I guessed it was a bug or a new setting in LMS.

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