Tidal had a good black friday offer so I'm trying out the service. Perhaps looking to ditch Spotify and also have my Synology NAS run less.

So I have 2 Logitech radios, 1 boom and 1 duet. The 2 radios work as expected using mysqueezebox. However when trying the boom and duet nothing happens. Tracks are just skipping. When using mysqueezebox.com I sometimes see a "Your player is not authorized to use mysqueezebox.com." message. The 2 players both can use other apps like Tunein and Shoutcast.

Any idea why boom and duet not works?

I'm running LMS 7.7.6 on the NAS. I have activated the TIDAL plugin but is that not working anymore? The 2 radios are not able to use TIDAL when connected to LMS.

From checking the Logitech they mention ickStream plugin in LMS but from what I can see that's not supported anymore.