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    How to copy LMS data when upgrading to 6.0?

    Hi all,

    I use LMS 7.9.3 on pCP 3.21. I don't have Squeezelite running and my music files are stored on a attached Qnap NAS (I don't know if this information is relevant for my question). Because I had problems with upgrading to LMS 8.0, I first created a fresh image of pCP 6.0 on a new SD-card (thanks to help on the LMS-forum). On that new card I can work with LMS 8.0 but all my prefs, plugins, favourites of my old LMS are gone. Luckily I can put my old SD-card in pi so I can use my old LMS 7.9.3.

    In my old pCP 3.21 I can see a button to move my LMS Data but when I click that nothing happens. Or do I need to change the mount to Network?

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