We are considering building a vacation home. At our prior beach house, I had a Squeezebox 3 hooked up to an old Windows laptop with FLAC files on an external hard drive. We played through a compact stereo system in the main room, which was basically the whole downstairs. I had a separate SB1 that I sometimes ran with powered speakers on the porch. With a new build, I am wondering about a wired whole-house system like we have at home, or maybe even something wireless through wifi. Four zones will probably suffice. I havenít really kept up with whatís available and what works well these days, as what has been in place in our house for at least 15 years still works well, except for needing the occasional reset. So, Iím looking for suggestions. If you were starting fresh, what would you do? Iíd like to be able to use my digital files but also stream, as I have SiriusXM and Amazon music. What do you recommend?