I'm a happy user of the LMS and especially the Tidal 2.0 plugin. However, when I open the "Moods" sub-menu
on LMS, I do not see the same full list as when I'm using the native Tidal App. The Tidal app presents me with
a list of 8 different moods:
Holiday, At Home, Workout, Party, Relax, Focus, Wellness, Romance
However, when accessing the moods section via LMS, the list only contains 5 entries:
Relax, Party, Workout, Love, Focus

-where "Love" apparently matches "Romance"

I've been trying to get my head around this strange difference in behavior, so far without luck. I've tried different
interfaces (Web, OrangeSqueeze) with same result. Tried removing cache as well with no change. My setup is:
LMS running on a Ubuntu 20.04.
LMS Version: 8.0.1 - 1606059084 @ Sun Nov 22 16:42:48 CET 2020
App Version: Tidal 2.0

Any ideas on why this difference is there, and how it could be fixed?

Regards, RenÚ