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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff07971 View Post
    It's a 3b+. That thread does seem relevant though. Maybe I need to try PcP version 7 as well?
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    But do you use piCorePlayer version 6.0.0, 6.1.0 or 7.0-beta?

    It might be possible that 6.1.0 has a general problem with an Hifiberry DAC2 Pro. I suggest to use 6.0.0 or 7.0-beta.

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    I installed PCP 6.1.0. I have a few ideas to try now such as unplugging the HAT and re-plugging in, loading the hifiberry OS and trying PCP beta 7.

    I have to do some disassembly anyway as the HAT doesn't clear the base of the smartipi 2 case. If it didn't have the bulge in the middle of the base it might clear. My guess is that is to add mass for lower centre of gravity and stability so NVM plus there is the other pair of feet included in the case kit as well I can use.

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    So changing to pCP 7 beta 6 fixed this for me. It looks like the DAC2 pro needs pCP 7 to work.

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    I got my player mounted on the wall using a slim vesa mount and while I can't really recommend it as I had to cut the mounting plate down and use rubber washers as spacers it did work. I'm satisfied and it sounds great.

    two images in one

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