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    Boom restoration

    I found recently a Boom on eBay that was basically almost for free and was sold "for parts". I took pity of the poor thing and decided to give it a try

    Luckily, it was only cosmetic and I'm happy with the results, following @chill and @JoeMuc2009 advices, I was able to bring it back to a decent shape. The spots on the front panel were cause by some aggressive chemical that went deep and/or remove color, it was not just dirt so getting the translucent part back and the panel black was a challenge.

    So, just a message for everybody owing a Boom with a sticky front panel, the fix using this https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B000LNN11G/ restores them absolutely perfectly. You don't need to remove the existing rubber coating at all. Just extract the front panel and separate panel, knob, rubber/flex keyboard and keys. Put everything in water @70C with a bit of dish soap for 10 min, gentle brush, rince & dry very well. That remove stickiness for a bit then spray them quickly, including knob, keys and front plate (protect translucent part, no other item needs to be protected). They will be brand new.

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