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You're probably very busy but if you ever find the time to take a look I'd really value your opinion and advice. I have no idea how to get rid of those false/empty album listings.
I usually use Data :: Dumper to log things to debug these kind of errors. Data :: Dumper converts content of arrays and hashes to text so you get verbose content in the log instead of just references. If you have managed to setup a Perl IDE with debugger thatís of course even better but I never invested in doing that so I just log things and analyzes the log to find the cause.

I never got the time to look into menu creation after Michael added the virtual library stuff so Iím afraid I canít help much more. Before virtual library was added to LMS you basically had to reimplement all browsing logic in the plugin and this is what some of my plugins do. Unfortunately itís probably more than five years since I last looked at it so I canít answer any detail question and my setup is too old to run anything newer than 7.8 so I canít easily install your test plugin to help debugging it.