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    Latest nightly won't start on ReadyNAS 204 but starts on a RPi

    Disregard, finger trouble.
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    Latest nightly won't start on ReadyNAS 204but starts on a RPi

    > Just installed latest nightly
    > (logitechmediaserver_8.0.0~1604555568_amd64.deb) successfully on a RPi
    > but when the same image is applied to a ReadyNAS 204 it repeatedly
    > crashes with "Logitech Media Server died. Restarting.". Reboot of
    > ReadyNAS did not solve the issue.

    Your NAS is ARM based, the deb you mention is for x86_64 CPUs. That
    wouldn't run on a Pi?!? How did you install on the NAS?



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    Quote Originally Posted by richtoy View Post
    Disregard, finger trouble.
    LMS 8 nightly running on Raspberry Pi OS. Mostly virtual players, occasionally with SB Radio, Boom or Classic.

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