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    Latest nightly won't start on ReadyNAS 204 but starts on a RPi

    Disregard, finger trouble.
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    Latest nightly won't start on ReadyNAS 204but starts on a RPi

    > Just installed latest nightly
    > (logitechmediaserver_8.0.0~1604555568_amd64.deb) successfully on a RPi
    > but when the same image is applied to a ReadyNAS 204 it repeatedly
    > crashes with "Logitech Media Server died. Restarting.". Reboot of
    > ReadyNAS did not solve the issue.

    Your NAS is ARM based, the deb you mention is for x86_64 CPUs. That
    wouldn't run on a Pi?!? How did you install on the NAS?



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    Quote Originally Posted by richtoy View Post
    Disregard, finger trouble.
    Usually running latest beta LMS nightly on Raspberry Pi OS with virtual players (Squeezelite and Airplay bridge). Occasionally using SB Radio, Boom or Classic.

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