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    TIDAL Issue: I can select tracks, but they won`t play

    Hello everybody,

    I have been SB fan for more than 15 years. I am running LMS 7.9 on a Netgear NAS 214 (ARM) box and use most of the player types, apart from the boom box.

    As I always wanted to use a High Res streaming service I have signed up to TIDAL.

    I have successfully registered and installed the app on mysqueezebox. I am also able to search and select tracks on the LMS web interface and the iPeng ios app. However, when I press play, the stream will not start. I have tried both bitrate settings and have checked the player setting (no bitrate limit).

    Does anybobdy have an idea, what I could do to rectify the problem?

    Thank you very much!


    log file ist attached...
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