Hi there,

I like the idea of scanning the online library only once and adding everything to the library, but in my case, it all ends up in a big mess. What is supposed to happen, anyway? It looks like
  • favourite tracks are dropped,
  • favourite albums end up directly in the album list of an artist,
  • favourite artists get a special "browse on Tidal" menu pick,
  • favourite playlists end up in playlists.

Right now, I have three problems with that:
  • All contributing artists of a favourite album are added to the album artists list. For example "Chess (The Original Recording)" adds a host of new album artists although it should just be listed under "Various Artists".
  • The sorting of the artists differs from the sorting in my local library. I have tagged all tracks with "albumartistsort" (= last name, first name), so the online library creates duplicate entries. This can probably not be fixed entirely, but one could attempt to match at least existing artists from the local library.
  • The library view containing only local music still lists all the online content.

There is probably more, but I haven't given this much time, yet. Right now, the collection is too confusing to reveal any details.