My SB Receiver no longer sends output on the analog RCA jacks. The digital output is fine, so I can use it as a transport, but I've currently got it hooked up to a 2-channel stereo amp without a DAC that I can use. I assume it's just the analog section that's gone bad.

I searched the forum and didn't find anything specific to the Receiver, but saw that there was a known problem with capacitor aging in the DAC section of the Squeezebox 3. Since this is my first post, I'll have to add the link to the thread in a comment. I found an internal photo of the Receiver, and it looks like the Receiver output section uses the same surface-mount caps as the SB3. (Link to follow in the first comment.)

Does the cap aging break Receivers in addition to the classic squeezeboxes?

Fortunately, I've learned SMD soldering in quarantine to build a DAC, so replacing a few caps should be well within my capabilities.