Is anyone aware of an interactive tag editor for the command line that displays files and their tags in tabular form? This is for Linux, but it's probably redundant to say that.

What I'm trying to say is that I hope to find something that looks and works much like Mp3tag or Puddletag, but works in a terminal environment. It should load the files in a folder and display the filenames and tags in a table, which could then be edited onscreen.

I am not looking for command line tools like id3v2 or metaflac. I already have plenty of those and use them on occasion. For comparison, if I were looking for a command line file manager, I would want something like mc (Midnight Commander), not tools like the cp and mv (copy, rename, move) commands.

The only thing I've seen that seems to be close to what I want is beets. It is intended to be a library management application, which is much more than I want. It might be possible to limit it to the tasks I want to do, but it looks like a chore.

When somebody asks for something off the wall like this, the question often comes up, Just what is it you want to do? Here's my explanation:

I usually use Mp3tag (in wine) or puddletag to edit tags in my files, which are on a usb ssd connected to the machine that runs LMS on Debian Linux with no gui. The music files are on a Samba share, so they can also be accessed from my desktop, running Linux Mint 20. Unfortunately, the Samba implementation in this version of Mint is buggy. The release notes warned about the issue. It's usually not a problem, but occasionally I encounter files that cause everything to slow down to a glacial pace. When that happens, it may take hours just to read and then write new tags to a handful of files.

So I would like to be able to ssh into the computer running LMS and edit tags there. Does anything like what I'm looking for exist?