I noticed a rather annoying error in the Dutch (NL) translation of the Tidal plugin that comes with LMS. At the bottom of the context menu of a track that is "Now Playing" in LMS, there is a menu item called "On Tidal". Via this menu item the user can browse the artist, album or track that is being played on Tidal:

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When selecting Dutch/Nederlands (NL) as language, this menu item is translated to "Over Tidal" (see picture below), which means "About Tidal" in English. Obviously the Dutch translation is wrong. The correct translation of "On Tidal" in Dutch is "Op Tidal".

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The translation error is in file https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Lo...MP/strings.txt, under section PLUGIN_WIMP_ON_WIMP.
Here is the corrected strings.txt => strings.txt

Michael, can you include the corrected translation in the next release of LMS 8.0 (and maybe also 7.9.4)?