Hi all,

I have been strugling a lot with getting LMS 8 to work with Tidal.
My LMS was running as a Docker container using the image from apnar

I kept getting the following error
Slim::Player::Song:pen (409) Error: Couldn't create command line for mp4 playback for

It turned out, that the latest published docker image (digest version: 21b8a388cb02ee4b50096cfc13249becd1f7a4afb85b075458 4df331725ae6ac) contained LMS 8.0.0 version 1594451286.

I found a comment on the forum, stating that I would need a more recent version (15987...something) for AAC playback to work.
After rebuilding the Docker image with the latest nightly LMS8.0, I could again get Tidal to start playing. Hooray!

This was the version I rebuild the Docker image with: 1600604030

I had to modify the docker image a little bit to be able to rebuild
Pull Request created on github.com / apnar / docker-image-logitech-media-server