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    LMS 7.9.3 update no longer running as administrator


    I got the update prompt a couple of days ago to go to 7.9.3 but since the update I can't get LMS to run as administrator. Right clicking the Start Menu shortcut and selecting run as adminsyrator doesn't work and I've even opened the location for the shortcuts and changed their properties to include the run as administrator. That doesn't work either??? Every time the Control Panel starts I get the red warning message that I need to start the app as Administrator. My logon is also as an Administrator.

    The Control Panel doesn't show any library statistics and yet the 'Squeezer' app on my android phone still sees all my devices and music library.

    Full uninstall and start again, or is there something else to try first please?

    Windows 10 user.
    LMS 7.9.3 running on BitFenix Intel Core i5 8GB RAM Windows 10 Pro Home Server
    3 x Classics, 3 x Duet
    2 pair Audio Engine 2's
    UK based

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    Interesting. I don't know if this is related to your problem but I'm running the latest 7.9.3 version and just recently, when running the web interface and I get the notification of plugins needing updating, I click 'OK' to restart the server and it doesn't restart. In fact the stopping of squeezesvr hangs and never completes. I've tried killing the service in cmd as Administrator but the only solution is to reboot the PC.
    It happened again today so I reinstalled the latest 7.9.3 over the existing installation to see if it solves the problem. Time will tell ......

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