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    LMS 7.9.4 Track Info Display

    > 1. How do I save the playlist from the right pane in a format of
    > <drive>:<Folder>/whatever in a regular playlist format rather than this
    > funky almost URL format
    > tmp:///P:/ServerFolders/MP3%20Music/Time%20Life/1965/05%20Just%20a%20Little.mp3

    How do you browse your music? tmp:// URIs should only ever be used if you

    - browse files outside your music folders using the "Browse Filesystem"
    - d'n'd a file to your browser window
    - wipe & rescan your collection while playing local tracks

    (ok, there might be more exceptions, but really, tmp:// should be rare)

    These files don't get stored in your database. Therefore they sometimes
    lack some of the metadata you'd expect.



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    Okay, I give, I don't know why it did the "tmp:///P:..." stuff in that playlist! I just did a couple of test new playlists on both my 7.9.4 (after it just updated today) and my 8.0 systems and it generated the playlists the way I would have expected "P:\Mp3 Music\...". Again, all music is local and I generate from Material skin by adding songs from the Album Artist display in the left pane clicking the Plus sign on each track to add it to the playlist in the right pane and periodically saving. I guess I'll have to chalk this up to "one of the mysteries of the world"!

    And the UTF8 w/BOM is working just fine. So again, I'm clueless as to what was going on before!

    Again, sorry for the noise.

    Main system - Rock Solid with LMS 7.9.4 Official on WHS 2011 - 2 Duets and Squeeseslave
    Cabin system - Rock solid with LMS 7.9.4 Official on Win10 Pro - 1 RPi 3 Model B/Hifiberry DAC+ Pro/PiCorePlayer and Squeezeslave
    Test system - LMS 8.0 nightly on Win10Pro - Squeezeplay
    Squeezebox Boom - "At Large" player around both home and cabin
    Headphones and car - Android phone/Bluetooth w/full library on MicroSD card - PowerAmp music player app (similar to Material Skin)

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