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    Filtering artist albums with role_id

    When listing an artist's albums under "Album Artists -> Artist" I see all albums the artist has appeared on, not just those where they are the "Album Artist". LMS has a setting "Filter Contributor Roles at the Album & Track Level" which I have set to "Only Show Tracks Or Albums Matching The Selected Role For An Artist" But this seems to have no effect, in Default UI or Material.

    The following 2 commands return the same items:
    curl 'http://localhost:9000/jsonrpc.js' --data-binary '{"id":0,"method":"slim.request","params":["", ["albums", 0, 10, "artist_id:12394", "role_id:ALBUMARTIST"]]}'
    curl 'http://localhost:9000/jsonrpc.js' --data-binary '{"id":0,"method":"slim.request","params":["", ["albums", 0, 10, "artist_id:12394"]]}'
    Is the above correct, or a bug? I can work around it, for album listings, using the following:
    curl 'http://localhost:9000/jsonrpc.js' --data-binary '{"id":0,"method":"slim.request","params":["", ["albums", 0, 10, "artist_id:12394", "role_id:ALBUMARTIST", "compilation:0"]]}'
    But "compilation:0" does not seem to work when using add/play-all - e.g. The following add's all albums as if "compilation:0" was not set:
    curl 'http://localhost:9000/jsonrpc.js' --data-binary '{"id":0,"method":"slim.request","params":["01:02:03:04:05:06",["playlistcontrol", "cmd:add", "artist_id:12394", "role_id:ALBUMARTIST", "sort:yearalbum", "library_id:0", "compilation:0"]]}'
    "compilation:[0|1]" is not listed in the documentation for "playlistcontrol", so the behaviour of the above command appears to be correct as per the documentation.

    I only ask as, in Material at least, I would like to only list (and add/play-all) albums by an Artist - not all albums they appear on. Now I know this might not be what others want, so I'd make it configurable. As I see it there's 2 options:

    1. The "Filter Contributor Roles at the Album & Track Level" setting is broken, and it should only list the albums by an artist
    2. Extend "playlistcontrol cmd:add" to also honour the "compilations:0" parameter

    I'm willing to look into this, and create a pull request. But I wanted to know which was the correct approach?
    Material debug: 1. Launch via http: //SERVER:9000/material/?debug=json (Use http: //SERVER:9000/material/?debug=json,cometd to also see update messages, e.g. play queue) 2. Open browser's developer tools 3. Open console tab in developer tools 4. REQ/RESP messages sent to/from LMS will be logged here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpd73 View Post
    The "Filter Contributor Roles at the Album & Track Level" setting is broken
    I've been racking my brains over why LMS keeps showing me empty albums where they shouldn't show up.

    To reproduce:

    1. Do an Advanced Search for all tracks that contain some string (im my case "favoritetrack") in their comment tag.
    2. Save the search as library view.
    3. Use LMS plugin Extended Browse Modes to create an artists menu for this library view. (Leave role empty though I have tried any combination possible).
    4. THIS shouldn't happen:

    Compilation XY has 1 track from artist A and 1 from artist B. Only the track from artist B contains the search string in its comment tag, i.e. came back a positive in the search.

    BUT in the artist menu (created above for the saved library view), compilation XY is listed under artist A (shows empty on click) and artist B, while it should only be listed under artist B.

    Could this be a consequence of the broken setting you described above? If so, I can finally give up trying to fix this.

    P.S. If you create a "Filtered Artists" menu with CustomBrowse this problem does not exist.
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