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    Picore and AudioInjector

    Brand new to PiCorePlayer, but far from brand new from using Pi's.

    In a search to find a way to distribute audio and more specifically output from a turntable throughout my house, I stumbled across the audioinjector stereo and the PiCorePlayer.

    Fresh install on a Pi3, have also installed LMS through PCP.

    For the life of me, I can not seem to find how to enable my AudioInjector hat. I saw in a post from a few years ago that the file is there, and have verified through ssh that I have a file here.

    But I can not find it in a drop down list for audio output (has both in and out) and the drop down list is empty for inputs on the tweak tab. I have looked in all three repositories and have spent the better part of the morning looking on this and many other forums to avoid the "Go do a search ya noob". I have not dove into configuration files, but am not against doing that. Just need a touch of guidance....


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    The drivers are there, but we have never added menu support for audioinjector. Mainly because I've never researched the card.

    You should be able to manually add the overlay to config.txt.
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