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    Poor backlight in Squeezebox Controller - some ideas?

    Hello you
    I have a problem with a backlight in my SB Controller.
    I have two Controller and one of them shines normally, the other one is unfortunately not 100% lit.

    I searched the forum for similar topics - with no positive results.

    Maybe after such a time someone has found the reason and developed repair technologies?

    Best wishes,

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    I don't have a solution, but I can confirm the problem:
    As I only have 1 controller, I wasn't sure, if it really got darker, or if I was imagining things.
    But now I am pretty sure: About a month ago, mine got much darker and I had to crank up bightness in settings quite a bit.

    It doesn't look like uneven brighness, so its probably not just a broken backlight LED.
    More likely the LED driver has a problem.

    It served me well over the years, but nowadays since the development of material skin, i hardly use it....
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    I just picked up a preowned Duet and the controller has exactly this problem. I've tried everything I can think of: new battery, updating firmware, checking brightness setting and other settings that might affect it but al seems normal. It's so dim it is unusable. Has anyone been able to repair one?

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