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    piCorePlayer 6.0.1 Raspberry Pi 3B WiFi Issue with Static IP


    Running piCorePlayer 6.0.1 on a Raspberry Pi 3B - no problems when using DHCP.
    I have a 256GB flash drive connected to the Pi and I can use the WiFi interface to control the LMS server running on the Pi and stream to stereo BT speakers.

    BUT when using static IPs, I cannot connect to the static WiFi IP address via the web interface or via SSH although I can see the WiFi IP address in my router.

    I have no issues with the static Ethernet IP address.
    Connecting on Ethernet via the static Ethernet IP, when I run the WiFi diagnostic everything seems fine, except the Ping LMS test fails.

    Have I missed any additional settings in the interface that need to be done?
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