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According to the doc it should be 10000000. But if I read it from the DAC after booting with empty dac_controlset it shows 0x00.

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Thanks! That seems to indicate that es8388.c is setting the DAC to slave mode. kheperV3 had to modify esp_app_main.c with this code

// GPIO0 => CLK_OUT1

to assign MCLK to GPIO0, allowing the ESP32 to supply the es8388 with MCLK (I hope I have this MASTER/SLAVE thing figured out).

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It writes into register ES8388_MASTERMODE = 0x08 the value from the configuration struct. The return value will be ORed to the last return value; 1 indicates an error.
Again, thanks. I'm an old COBOL programmer and am having trouble following this code.