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    Squeezebox Boom Installation Problem -Further Information

    > Thanks for all that information. I also made contact with Apple support
    > today. Not an easy thing to do. She had a look at what I had downloaded
    > , and eventually explained that I was downloading the wrong LMS. I
    > needed one for macOS Catalina not LMS Mac OSX). So I searched again and

    She certainly had no clue.

    > there is material on the Logitech website headed "Important information
    > for Logitech Control Centre and macOS Catalina and Mojave". It explains
    > that you have to update the Logitech Control Centre BEFORE installing
    > macOS Catalina. Now they tell me. It also gives a link to the Download
    > page. Then there is a link to "LCC permission prompts on macOS
    > Catalina". It states that "Starting with macOS Catalina, (10.15) Apple
    > has a new policy that requires user permission for LCC software for the
    > following features:

    LMS has nothing to do with LCC except for the identical first character :-).

    Please install LMS 7.9.3, the DMG file from

    Then run the following in a terminal (single line):


    What would that give you?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Allen View Post

    Heartily fed up with the whole thing.

    But at least Logitech acknowledged elsewhere that there is a problem, and that they are still working on it with Apple.

    I'll study your very kind and helpful information when I gather strength tomorrow morning and see if there is something there that will work. Don't think I've ever heard of "Logitech Control Centre" though.

    Your advice is very much appreciated, I can assure you.


    Please slow down on/give up grasping for help from Apple & Logitech, They are not quite in tune with what you are trying to do...

    Do NOT proceed any further with LCC, do NOT un-install Catalina

    Do follow Michael's last post instructions (post #11)
    If you are struggling with those then come straight back and be specific about what you cannot do or what's going wrong when you try. We (especially Michael) will get you there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by djringjr View Post
    7.7.6 is the latest stable release. It's not unheard of that beta software like 7.9.3 doesn't work.

    If I was having problems installing something, I'd make sure I was using stable version not beta or git software.

    That's why I told him that, because the latest release is 7.7.6.



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    7.7.6 is vastly outdated now. The stable is 7.9.2 and there is 7.9.3 nightly builds for bug corrections.
    8.0.0 is the development version.
    LMS 7.9 on Pi 3B+ & Odroid-C2 - SqueezeAMP!, 5xRadio, 3xBoom, 4xDuet, 1xTouch, 1 SB3. Sonos PLAY:3, PLAY:5, Marantz NR1603, Foobar2000, ShairPortW, JRiver 21, 2xChromecast Audio, Chromecast v1 and v2, Squeezelite on Pi, Yamaha WX-010, AppleTV 4, Airport Express, GGMM E5, Riva 1 & 3

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