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    Plugin for a DSP function....?


    Could anyone shed som light on what kind of effort there would be to create a plugin that would enable to hook in a software DSP engine in series before the output of the LMS?

    I suppose it needs to expose 2 ports (L&R) as a virtual device for the DSP function to take the stream from and 2 ports again to send the manipulated stream back to LMS. So no impact on the e.g. SB Touch at all.

    Is there maybe such general plugin already - virtual out/in device/ports exposure - for manipulating the stream?

    Or is there another API for this than plugin?

    Brutfir has/had one - how was it done?


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    Nowadays it makes more sense to to DSP work on the player such as Pi, rather than a complciated plugin for SB3 and Touch

    IIRC Besides Brutefir. previous DSP plugin was inguzDSP https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...oom-correction

    A few people have done custom-convet,conf lines (I.e. with DSP) for specifica devices (i.e user MAC address to identify the player).

    See https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...-Could-it-work

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    I run my LMS on a Apple Mini and hoped to execute the FIR engine on the same computer, i.e. not involve the player.

    Thanks for the answer - I'll check on the supplied links!!!


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