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    PcP LMS Server | Squeezelite won't start

    Not sure if this is the right forum, if not sorry and please feel free to move it accordingly.

    This morning my daughter wanted to listen to some kids stuff via her SBT but it failed (she couldn`t choose anything).
    I checked in iPeng and no players were visible (usually the SBT, one RPi 3B running pCP/LMS and a PiZero WH).

    First thing i did was to restart my "LMS" Pi (power off/on via the connected external Power supply). But still no players were shown in iPeng.
    Then I started my Notebook and tried to connect to LMS but the page didn┤t come up.
    After that I looked at the pCP (Server) page and saw that LMS was running..also Squeezelite. Since the LMS page (myip:9000) couldn┤t be reached earlier i restarted LMS via the pCP "LMS" page.

    After that Squeezelite stopped and I can`t get it running again (neither via "Restart" nor "Reboot" (pCP) via the pCP Main page).

    Good thing is that the SBT as well as the PiZero are shown again in iPeng (hence maybe an Internet provider issue earlier??).

    But how can I get Squeezelite running back on the Pi w/ LMS (w/o burning a new SD card and install again)?

    Any thought/proposal from you guys would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Works again.

    At first i could only choose the default setting in the "Output Setting" in the Squeezelite page.
    But after powering my external DAC and performing a reboot of pCP, additional output settings were applicable (one of them was the one I used earlier).

    Choosed and saved it, restart was done and after that all looks fine.

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