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    LMS starting but no players shown and no access throug web control.

    LMS has suddenly started behaving oddly. It starts ok, diagnostics in control panel show as all good but no players in the info tab and no access to we control etc.

    Windows 10, lms 7.9.3

    I have restarted multiple times and removed and re-installed lms

    Server log shows following on starting lms:

    [20-07-27 16:52:04.7254] Slim::Schema::updateOrCreateBase (1736) Error: { TITLE => "" }
    [20-07-27 16:52:04.9934] Slim::Utils::Scanner::findFilesMatching (158) Warning: Found an infinite loop! Breaking out.
    [20-07-27 16:52:17.3961] Slim::Utils::Misc::msg (1255) Warning: [16:52:17.3956] ERROR: e

    Any ideas?

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    log file

    server log attached post re-install (i've had to trunkate it using rdp via vpn on an ipad so no idea how much of it i got)
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