I'm using PiCorePlayer on a Pi2 with the 'official' little touchscreen. And it worked beautifully for several years, however with small offset on the touch screen.

However, after a reinstall for unrelated reasons (SD corrupted) I'm now unable to use the bottom half inch of the screen. Trying it with a normal Rasbian, the screen is perfectly calibrated, and running the calibration there produces the same result once again.

But... Back to PiCorePlayer, trying to run the ts_calibration, I can't complete the calibration as the second to last point simply doesn't work. Touching the screen higher up and competing the calibration, means I get the same result as before with an unusable band. I have tried deleting the tscalibration file to start from scratch, with no difference.

How do the numbers from Rasbians calibration correlate to the numbers in the file? I'd like to try inputting them manually, and see if that helps.