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    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post
    > Thats great news, just subscribed to Hifi again. ..Unfortunately
    > I am still seeing the output reading 320kbps CBR. I must be missing
    > something.

    You'll probably have to make sure you select content through the Deezer
    menus again. Playing content from something stored in LMS (favorites,
    playlists) might result in playing lossy. Because the files are
    referenced with an extension defining the stream type.
    Thanks, I had it working all along after reading the previous reply by stevel6868. Only Flow appears to be causing the stream to "downgrade" a bit. Maybe there's a fix, but I'm happy albums are playing FLAC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munroe View Post
    Thank you! That is exactly what was happening with me. I had a song from Springsteen's A Letter To You playing through Flow and it was 320kbps. I tried playing the album direct in Deezer and just like that it turned to FLAC. I guess the Deezer Hifi is working in LMS after all, only cuts out to 320kbps once Flow begins.
    I don't see it going back to 320kbps - once I have started playing a track and it goes to 44.1kHz FLAC I can then go to Deezer Flow and it remains at 44.1kHz FLAC (and sounds very good).

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    Can't get it to work on Squeezebox Touch

    I have Deezer hifi and it works everywhere but my Touch. I am running LMS 8.1.1 from a Synology 213+ NAS.

    I have tried playing albums I haven't played in Deezer before, and they still play as 320kbs mp3.

    What to do? What is meant by playing through the Deezer menu, isn't that just using the built in Deezer app made by Logitech back in the day? Do I have to install anything, or enable it somewhere hidden i LMS settings or in my profile at deezer.com? Does my Touch need to be a certain software version?
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    An unexpected error occurred while validating your mysqueezebox.com account.

    Anyone getting the error in the title of this post? Deezer was working fine via LMS to my Touch.

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