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    picoreplayer: how to configure ethernet port 10M autonego off full duplex ?


    For one Pi1 behind 30m UTP5e cable, I have some ethernet interface instabilities: pi does not find the network.

    I install ethtool

    I want to run this command before network going up at boot sequence: where should I add this command ?

    sudo ethtool -s eth0 speed 10 autoneg off duplex full


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    Put it in /opt/bootlocal.sh

    Put it before the piCorePlayer startup.
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    ethtool not available

    Quote Originally Posted by paul- View Post
    Put it in /opt/bootlocal.sh

    Put it before the piCorePlayer startup.
    I have a similar issue. I have a simple ethernet switch which does only support 100mbs. For uknown reason this switch fails during autonegotioation (related to this LINK_REMOVED) and therefore I'm not getting a link to the picoreplayer. The picoreplayer is running on a raspberry pi 4. As a workaround I found a hint, that I have to force the raspberry pi to 100mbs. I wanted to use ethtool for this, but I can't find it on the picoreplayer. Is there any other way to force the raspberry pi with picoreplayer to 100mbs? Or can I install the ethtool on the picoreplayer?

    So long


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