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    Picoreplayer | Bluetooth | Synchronization | PiZeroW question

    Hi All,

    I am trying to get a PiCoreplayer (Latest 6.0 stable build) working to supplement my main system (LMS with Squeeze Box Touch). My LMS installation is running on a Mac Pro, and has been working great forever. The SBT feeds a russound whole house system, so I can hear that player everywhere .... except my patio that I added on after I built the house. So, I had this idea to supplement using the PiZero and a Bose Bluetooth speaker which I now have working very reliably (after finally figuring out that the BT speaker is actually listed as a player, and I don’t need to find that in the audio output dropdown!

    The problem now, and where I need help is that the PiZero is about 1/4 to 1/2 second out of sync. I have successfully synchronized an ipeng player on my phone to bluetooth, so I know synchronization can be achieved. I think it has something to do with latency in all of the processing the pi0 is doing, and finally sending it to the speaker or something like that. Does the PiZero with BT the way I have it setup (Onboard BT on the PiZero have enough horsepower / resources to do what I’m trying to do? Is there some setting somewhere I’m missing? How should I modify this to get it working better??

    Should I try a PI3 or something? If I decide to do that, can I just take the micro SC card out and put it in a Pi3?

    I LOVE LMS / and everything squeezebox. I’ve been using this stuff since forever! Thanks in advance.

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    Delay is normal, In LMS settings, you can adjust the player sync delay.
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    redneck, If you were to experiment by using the Pi0W hdmi out for sound you would know if the BT was the problem, I expect it is.
    I have two Rpis in the salon and they sync perfectly, neither uses BT, I have a third portable RPi0 and that syncs to, again no BT.

    I'm sure I've moved mSDs from RPi0 to a 2 and only had problems when I used a Wifi driver designed for the RPi2 on the 0, different ARM chip.

    Bonne chance Strebor

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