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Thread: Old Time Radio

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    Old Time Radio

    What are some playable Old Time Radio stations I can get on my Squeezebox?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrGaryG View Post
    What are some playable Old Time Radio stations I can get on my Squeezebox?
    The BBC from the UK has a lot of "Old Time" repeats, especially on BBC Radio 4Extra. You'll need to have the BBC iPlayer Plug-in enabled (one clic from SETTINGS).

    Otherwise, in LMS Web GUI, go HOME > RADIO > SEARCH and put the acronym OTR in the box: hit ENTER and you'll get plenty of results for small US operations streaming all kinds of ancient radio riches. In the RADIO menu, there's also the option to enter a streaming URL - found via a google on OTR Streaming Stations - in the TUNE IN URL box: though many of those stations have gone to a Podcast via (paid) App format, so it can be a bit trickier to get them to work.


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    Not sure how far back you want to go, but Cladrite Radio https://cladriteradio.com/ is pretty good if you like 20s-40s

    Luxuriamusic https://luxuriamusic.com/ is a favorite of min. Mainly 60s era pop instrumentals, but has lots of shows which delve earlier and later.

    Both are available through tune-in via radio-search or tunable via their urls.

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