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    Which tag(s) / genre to use for audio books?


    I have several audiobooks in mp3-format that I would like to show up as Audiobook on the Squeezebox. The files are in a different folder than the music files (mp3 and flac). I was unable to find the right combination of scanner-settings (checkbox "Music" in the library-setting for this path activated or deactivated) and tags / genres to make the audiobooks appear as audiobook.

    It seems to me that unchecking the "Music"-checkbox makes the audiobook-"artists" disappear from the artist-list, but I can still search for the audiobooks and play them. But I can't browse them. The server is LMS 7.9.2.

    Any help / ideas is appreciated.

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    Which tag(s) / genre to use for audio books?

    Try "Additional Browse Modes" plugin.
    In mine, which I doubt I have changed, it shows audiobooks with Genre
    Audiobooks, Spoken, Speech
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